Friday, 18 May 2012

Premier Post


Ok, i'm a bit psyched because this is my first blog and i'm not sure what to write. I shall therefore dedicate this first post to tell you what you can expect from future posts :) 
 The purpose of this blog is for me to share recipes, around the house DIYs, craft items and much more. Like the name 'Pelau' suggests, there will be a combination of a wide range of ideas, recipes, suggestions, etc.. One of my major themes is frugality! The great thing about this blog is that it's Caribbean focussed- Trinidad to be more specific (that doesn't mean it's exclusive to Trinidadians though :P). One of my main issues when surfing the web and following recipes for things I come across is finding the ingredients (and at a reasonable price) so i would have to experiment with things i thought would be an ok replacement. All posts on this blog will only require things that are readily available in the country. I'll be posting once a week, and i really hope you enjoy!! :D

"The best things in life may be free, but cheap and natural is ok too!"


  1. Hello Renee! I am Dalton, a fellow Trinidadian. I truly look forward to participate in your future blogs. during this summer, it would be good to use my free time in constructive activities, and i see you have listed a few. You also mentioned that ur blogs will be applicable to Trinidadians! Finally! Consideration to people outside the so called 'power nations'. So my excitement would not be curbed when i realise i cant get this no where in Trinidad. lols. I am looking forward in participating in ur blogs! Good luck! :)

    1. XD happy to know that i can be here for you :) i hope you enjoy my blogs to come :D