Saturday, 4 May 2013

DIY Decorated Teacup


So I may or may not have mentioned before that I am an absolute nail-polishaholic, I have close to one hundred bottles of nail polish in basically every colour that exists. The thing is, since I only have twenty nails and I hate using the same colour more than once, most of my polishes just stay on my dresser collecting dust and drying out. Today (when i was supposed to be studying) I was thinking of a present for my friend whose birthday is coming up and it hit me, I came up with a cool way to use them while making a cute gift idea. This is what I came up with:

What you need:

  • A plain white (or cream) porcelain teacup
  • A fine-tip permanent marker
  • Nail polish (any colour/s you like)

What you do:

  • Draw shapes on the glass with the marker (you can do neat uniform shapes or go wild like I did)
  • Use the nail-polish to fill in the shapes 
To make sure it doesn't smudge you can either keep it on a table or hold it upside down on your hand.
Try to work slowly and precisely, especially if your lines are not straight.
If you are using lighter colours you may need to put a few coats. If you do, LET THE FIRST COAT DRY FIRST! If it doesn't dry properly it will no come on as smoothly as you would like.
I used glitter polish on the lines for an extra pop.

  • For a smooth finish you can use any type of clear sealer (DECORATIVE USE ONLY)

 Pictures of the process and finished product:

Not as smooth as i'd have liked :( but  hey, second time will be better!


  1. nice concept though i'd like to order a blue and purple one

    on a lighter side, for someone who is a "nail polishaholic" your left thumb seems to be a bit UNKEPT

  2. Thank you, unfortunately I'm not taking any orders at the moment. I have exams,which is the same reason my nails look so bad. :/